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Sammy & Dorcas Ngie
The River of Life Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2007

Biography: With a church of 200 committed Christian members in the predominantly Muslim city of Mobasa, Sammy and Dorcas lead several cell groups of five to fifteen persons on the estate at Chaani. A worship team and choir lead service, and a children's ministry meets every Sunday morning. "The church started in October 2003, and within three years we grew gradually to 200 members," Sammy says. He adds that Sunday services generally see at least 150 members in attendance. In addition, a vibrant youth ministry is a major focus of River of Life, "to help them to know Jesus and grow strong in the Lord by laying a firm foundation of the Word" is the mission of the ministry, and smaller children are being "brought up in the way of the Lord through teaching and activities based on the Word of God."

Sammy says prayer is the backbone of the ministry, and the church's ministry vision is to "re-dig the wells of revival by restoring to the church true worship and thus bring God back to the House which is the church."

Strengths: Sammy and Dorcas operate in various gifts of the Spirit, with signs and wonders following the teaching of the word.

Sammy - January 13
Dorcas - May 29

Anniversary: August 5

Family: Sammy and Dorcas have three adult children, Mike, Mary, and David.

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