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Gilbert & Sarah Olang
Kotetni Rehabilitation Ministries and Childrens Ministry


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2007

Biography: Gilbert has been doing pastoral work for over twenty years, evangelism of children for many years, training Christian leaders and youth counseling. The Olang's ministry to children, Kotetni Rehabilitation Ministries and Childrens Ministry began in their hearts when they could see the children needing Christ even more than their physical sufferings. They began Good News Clubs within the safe boundaries of estates and schools. They began training up children's workers to help. This area of Nakuru has a high rate of school drop-outs among the children. Most of the people make their living by fishing. Gilbert tells us that many of the children they reach, grow up to be youths who attend church. They have seen them grow in the Lord and become responsible people. Some youths who had wasted their lives now show great transformations.

This ministry's mission statement is to evangelize, empower spiritually and mentally with commitment to physical needs.

Strengths: Gilbert is passionate for children and their physical and spiritual welfare as well as being a gifted teacher.

Gilbert - April 1
Sarah - January 1

Anniversary: October 10

Family: Gilbert and Sarah have five children, Vincent, Florence, Kennedy, George and Linnet.

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