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Csaba & Debbie Galgoczi
TMGY Hungary



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2008

Biography: Csaba and Debbie began Tobb mint Gyoztesek (TMGY) or More than Conquerors in 1992 with their mission statement: "Witnessing to mankind the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven." Csaba and Debbie tell us, "It is our desire to minister to people the overflow from our relationship with God, to hear God's voice and to do everything with Him and teach others to do the same."

TMGY is located in the northwest part of Hungary about 20 miles from the Austrian border. Their region has some big factories such as Audi, but some of the populace work in agriculture. People are hard workers and life is peaceful. The closest main city is Gyor with about 150,000 people, but they are close to the capital of Slovakia as well as Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Csaba and Debbie tell us that the people of Hungary are very friendly, but very religious. The country is mostly Roman Catholic. This is not a disadvantage, but an advantage because the people already believe in God - they just don't know him yet as they could. The Galgoczis are determined not to bring them more religion and want the fruit in their lives to be an example of living in relationship with God. Csaba and Debbie tell us, "We are in a growing stage, preparation time. We are growing to get to the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. Our goal is to have daily communion with God, and have this throughout the day. Every day!"

Strengths: Csaba and Debbie's strengths are in strengthening and supporting others.

Csaba - April 4
Debbie - January 25

Anniversary: November 18

Joseph - December 30, 1997
Carina - August 19, 2002
Charlotte - January 31, 2005
Peter - April 17, 2007

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