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Dickson & Lucy Dinga
Healing Wings Ministries Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined: November 2007

Biography: Dickson and Lucy stepped out in faith on January 1, 2003, when they established Healing Wings Ministries Church in the town of Nakuru, Kenya. In the Rift Valley, Nakuru is home to 42 tribes, and Dickson says the church's mission is "to teach the nations to seek, honor and fear one Lord God Almighty, to bring the lost souls to the Kingdom of God and to teach the Truth of the Word of God, not traditions, cultures or denomination rules."

Worship at Healing Wings includes hymns, devotion and the weekly message followed by an altar call. A children's ministry tends to the spiritual needs of youngsters, and Healing Wings also reaches out to ages 12-29 with its youth ministry.

Dickson says the church focuses on the younger generation through its leadership training, and he notes, "Children are trained to grow when they know their God as a true God and obey their parents and the society around them."

Strengths: Dickson's strengths are evangelism and teaching.

Dickson - July 24
Lucy - January 1

Anniversary: September 9

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