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Julius & Suzanne Kisandu
Christian Compassion Group Africa

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2008

Biography: As a pioneer of Christian Compassion Group Africa and senior pastor of Tanzania Missionary Revival Church in Mwanza, Julius oversees a growing ministry that includes evening evangelism, children's and youth ministry and even a nursery ministry that has just been started.

The region has a large Christian population, and through the Missionary Revival Church, Christian Compassion Group Africa reaches out with Pentecostal worship.

Julius says the focus is on youth ministries, leadership training and crusades, and he said CCGA, "associated tightly with the church I'm serving, has not started new projects but is bringing back to Jesus those who are backslidden."He adds, "Our vision is to see that many people come to Jesus and work together in different areas in extending the work of God."

Strengths: Julius and Suzanne have a heart from God to love and minister to God's beloved.

Julius - November 25

Anniversary: September 12

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