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Davids Salie
Africa Revival Ministries

South Africa

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2008

Biography: Africa Revival Ministries began in early 2007 in a house as a home cell. The group grew larger than the premises, so they transferred their meetings to the community hall where they are still meeting; however, they still hold a home cell in the house where they started. Their increase has been brought by door-to-door evangelism and deliverance services that are held at their church and home cells. The focus of the church is on prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

Davids vision as a ministry founder is to spread the gospel in and outside Africa and to disciple men and women who can go back into their respective areas and evangelize them. He would like to start a Pentecostal Bible College that can impart the spirit of revival to the mediocre leaders around South Africa and Africa in general. Davids has been very involved in ministry since 1997, when he was pastor of his first church, soon followed by another church and an orphanage.

Strengths: Davids is a strong prayer warrior, gifted in evangelism, deliverance ministry and counseling.

Birthday: October 8

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