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Fred & Alice Kimbagaya
Nyanama Full Gospel Church and Hope for the Vulnerable Child Centre


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: September 2008

Biography: As the first spiritual Pentecostal church in the Kampala City region, Nyanama Full Gospel Church was resisted and later actually split, leaving it with only four members. Fred, who received Jesus Christ at age 16, assumed leadership in 1998. His own childhood was one of suffering, and as a result the church's vision is focused on helping others, especially providing children with the means to attend school. "There is a clear connection between education and development," he says.

Full Gospel Church also strives to eliminate social discrimination against female students while retaining "respect for each other's cultural identity."

Strengths: Fred and Alice's strengths are their passion for children. Fred tells us his training in management is well utilized as they achieve many projects.

Fred - November 16
Alice - June 10

Anniversary: August 1

Enock - May 13, 1993
Gloria - June 16, 1995
Joshua - April 20, 2001
Jonathan - July 26, 2003
Elizabeth - November 19, 2005

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