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Mathew & Sophia Ombati
Nyaisero Mission of East Africa


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2008

Biography: Nyaisero Mission of East Africa began in 2000 with the mission statement, coming together to increase God's kingdom by partnering with the five ministry gifts of Jesus Christ being established among us, honored and released in the body of Christ. They have quickly grown since the early days of the ministry where they met under the protection of banana fibers to now having five churches. The church has children's ministries including an active youth ministry which has formed choirs.

Mathew and Sophia wish to open an orphanage so they can care for more children, and give them an education and medical care.

Strengths: Mathew is gifted to preach in open areas and has a heart to visit the sick and care for those in need, especially orphans.

Mathew - June 12
Sophia - February 16

Anniversary: May 23

Family: Mathew and Sophia have 8 adult children and currently have 20 orphans under their care.

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