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Robert Muyiinza Kyewola
Abundant Grace Church/Reconciling Gospel Mininstry


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2009

Biography: Abundant Grace Church and Reconciling Christian Gospel Ministry began in 2000 with the emphasis of reaching out to the lost souls to minister salvation, deliverance and to prophetically impact them towards fruitfulness in the kingdom of God.

Robert tells us they see people coming every Friday night and Sunday morning to be healed and to be set free from the powers of darkness. "This particular place had a bad history of theft, murder and witchcraft, but since we started the ministry and the church in this area, the lives of many have been transformed to be good, law-abiding people. The challenge now is that we have many needy children who need to go to school so we have started a school for them."

Evangelism projects include a school project reaching out to the needy children and orphans in the community and through the children to the parents and the guardians. They also have a project ministering to abused young adults.

Strengths: Robert's strength is his ability to pray, listen, then obey. He has a passion to teach and prophecy and bring total deliverance to the body of Christ.

Birthday: October 9

Family: Robert has 5 grown children, which includes 2 pairs of twins!

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