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N. Owen & Viola Dunbar
The Militant Church of Liberia


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2010

Biography: The Militant Church of Liberia was formed during the heat of the Liberian Civil War in the interiors of Liberia in a small classroom of a local community school. The date was May 25, 1997. Owen was the preacher, Viola ran praise and worship and their son, Owen II, who was five years-old at the time, was the drum beater. Three fighters were used as ushers, having their AK-47 rifles hanging on them at the doors of the church during service. A team of twelve fighters were trained and used as the evangelism team. Losing a gun meant facing a firing squad so none of the fighters were willing to leave their weapons outside. As the church grew, there were scores of AK-47 rifles in the services weekly. By 2001, Militant Church was the largest congregation in Ganta, Liberia. In 1998 the church opened a school that ran until the town was overthrown by Muslim rebels and the school burned down in March 2003. In 2007 a church branch was opened in Monrovia with another branch having been planted in Zorzor. Two of the churches are now pastored by ex-fighters.

The focus of the ministry is to transform the lives of vulnerable youth who have been affected by the civil war and forced to become fighters, rape victims, addicts, neglected and orphaned into good Christians. They care for orphans by placing them in the homes of dedicated Christians and providing the necessary support as the Lord provides. This gives them an experience of direct parental care and love. The ministry continues to focus their work on the interior villages that have been forgotten. Owen tells us he has an anointing for mending broken family relationships and a passion for young people and women in ministry.

Strengths: Owen is a strong church planter with good interpersonal relations and operates in the gifts of healing and word of knowledge. Viola operates in the gifts of word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits and prophecy.

N. Owen - May 12
Viola - July 29

Anniversary: December 28

Mickey - November 4, 1990
Owenlyn - April 5, 1994
J. Gideon - November 3, 1996
David - May 14, 2000

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