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Joseph Phun & Biak Hniang Ceu
Christ of Nazareth Jesus Christ/Grace & Salvation Ministry

Sagaing Division,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2011

Biography: Joseph Phun and Biak Hniang began Grace and Salvation Ministry in 2006 with the mission to catch the lost souls, to train them to be mature Christians, to plant churches, and to reach out to the unreached places to extend God's kingdom as wide as possible in Myanmar. Through faith, the ministry has remained self-supporting.

Church of Nazareth Jesus Christ was founded in 2010 with a few believers coming together in prayer. Joseph tells us, "The praise and worship ministry is based in Pentecostalism while biblically, the belief is fundamentalism, and actions are evangelical." The church has cell groups which come together to worship, share the Gospel and pray. They also have active children"s and youth ministries.

The emphasis of the Ceu's ministry is on mission work, Bible school, nursery, church planting, and training.

Strengths: Joseph and Biak Hniang are gifted administrators with a vision for the future of Myanmar.

Joseph - April 14
Biak - February 29

Anniversary: January 25

Honey James - April 9, 2000
Siang Cung Ling - March 14, 2003
Van Bawi Thawng - January 25, 2006
Marcy Thla Hnem Paar - August 31, 2010

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