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Pankajlal & Binati Nalini Bardhan
Love One Another Ministries

Jammu and Kashmir,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2011

Biography: The vision of Love One Another Ministries (LOAM) is to introduce God's agape love to every person in every language and culture, and brings them into the fold of God's kingdom through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and deed. Pankajlal and Ninati Nalini have been fulfilling this vision since 2006.

Currently LOAM has twelve evangelists in Jammu and seven in Orissa who are in charge of twenty-four congregations, all working together to fulfill the vision. Pankajlal tells us, "By taking care of these congregations, we do outreach ministry, create retreats for believers, youth programs, ladies ministries, conventions, Bible studies, adult literacy program, medical and health awareness programs, and children's programs for the extension of His kingdom."

The churches have over 30 cell groups that meet weekly. Twice a month the churches hold a youth camp where youths can have fellowship together, share testimonies, enjoy a time of entertainment and listen to the Word of God. Once a month a music team will go to schools and colleges to distribute tracts and conduct youth services through music and singing. Children and youth are an important focus of LOAM. Pankajlal says, "Children throughout the world need to learn that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace despite the storms of life."

Strengths: Pankajlal and Binati Nalini are gifted administrators with tender pastors' hearts.

Pankajlal - July 30
Binati Nalini - November 18

Anniversary: May 31

Divya Darshani - April 11, 1992
Sital Rani - May 14, 1995

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