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Samuel Spurgeon Babu & Raja Sulochana Devi Chuttugalla
Youth Gospel Crusade

Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: May 2011

Biography: Youth Gospel Crusade, also known as YGC, was founded in 1958 by the late Joseph Muller. The Chuttugalla's have been co-pastoring the church together since 1977. The church has a children's Sunday School program, a youth ministry which gathers on Friday evenings for Bible study, and prayer cells that meet during the week.

Evangelism and outreach are important parts of JGC. The ministry provides support to native ministers, enabling them to have sound systems, bicycles, lanterns, and drums. They support ministry to lepers and provide medicine to prevent the spread of the disease, while providing assistance to food-for-hunger programs, medical clinics, corrective surgery for children with deformities, drilling water wells, and helping construct retention tanks.

Youth Gospel Crusade works hand-in-hand with Yiye Avila Children Welfare Association of YACWA, an organization that has provided humanitarian aid across India for over 30 years, including housing, education, and essentials.

Strengths: Spurgeon Babu and Raja Sulochana Devi have compassionate pastor's hearts. Faith and prayer guide them as they move in love for those in need.

Spurgeon Babu - July 19
Raja Sulochana Devi - July 18

Anniversary: May 5

Family: The Chuttugalla's have two adult sons, Joseph Spurgeon and Loyd Samuel Joseph.

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