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Richard Barnabas & Alice Kitaka
Mighty Gospel Church

Nazigo Town,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2011

Biography: Richard and Alice co-pastor Mighty Gospel Church in Nazigo Town. This ministry was started in 2005 as a small group of 13 people, mainly women and children, after intensive door to door evangelism. They began meeting in a home for worship services, but as people continued to come, they soon outgrew homes and rented a place where they have built a temporary structure. Richard tells us, "We believe in God to purchase land and build a permanent church which can accommodate 500 people and school buildings because the population is growing. Our emphasis is redeeming God's people out of the enemy's bondages. Evangelism set people free by hearing and believing the gospel. So evangelism will help the lost world."

The church has a nursery and children's ministry with a youth ministry focused on discipleship. Evangelism projects include door to door and open air evangelism, crusades, evangelism missions in Kenya and Rwanda, Bible conferences, a church planting project and a poultry project.

Strengths: Richard and Alice are gifted as evangelists, Bible teachers, planting churches and move in the gift of healing.

Richard Barnabas - October 9
Alice - November 10

Anniversary: October 7

Elisha Kalanzi - June 10, 1994
Esther Mirembe - February 18, 1996
Dorcas Kuteesa - October 28, 2000
Richard and Alice also have two adult sons, Moses Kabali and Joshua Kajjubi.

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