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Prabhakar & Dayamani Ambati
Heaven Sound Ministry

Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2012

Biography: Heaven Sound Ministry is located in the city of Haliya, which has people of many religions and languages, and is visited by tourists. In 1999, before Prabhakar married Dayamani, he went to Haliya after being directed by the Holy Spirit to move to Andhra Pradesh. Prabhakar tells us that their mission is to carry the gospel, the sacraments, and God's love and fellowship to the unchurched, the alienated, and the excommunicated, which is the church's homeless. Their vision is to win souls by using their gifts and talents, and to one day see India won for Christ.

The church has 11 home cell groups in different towns, along with a children's ministry and a large youth ministry. Dayamani serves the ministry as the children's pastor. Local evangelism projects include house construction for poor people, help for widows and orphans.

Strengths: Prabhakar moves in the gift of healing, sings, and plays the keyboard and tabala. Dayamani has a tender heart for children.

Prabhakar - November 9
Dayamani - October 21

Anniversary: November 24

Prabhudayakarunya - January 7, 2009
Christina Blessy - October 13, 2011

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