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Patrick & Dinnah Bwire
New Creation Team Ministry


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description: Joined FMIN: January 2013

Biography: Patrick and Dinnah pastor New Creation Team Ministry, which began in 2006. The church is located in Namukombe village. Patrick tells us, "This area is characterized by people with different denominational backgrounds ... many of them are still weak in their faith and need re-awakening spiritually." Dinnah ministers as choir leader and leads the children"s ministry. The focus of the church is to see people saved, and to become a God fearing community that shines for Jesus in word and action.

The children's ministry has many activities to help the children get to know God more, and a nursery ministry which helps to uplift the community educationally to lay a better foundation for their children, who will in turn become good citizens of the country. They have a large youth program which has its own pastor, assistant pastor, praise and worship team, prayer leader and coordinator.

Strengths: Patrick's strengths include preaching, teaching, encouragement, intercessory prayer and deliverance ministry. Dinnah's talents include music and a heart for children of all ages.

Patrick - November 15
Dinnah - October 6

Anniversary: October 10

Peninah Nafula - November 6, 1994
John Bwire - april 20, 1996
James Opio - December 27, 2000
Sarah Adongo - December 27, 2000
Dan Okello - July 2, 2002
John Hamala - March 15, 2003
Sam Buyinza - March 15, 2005
Girisomu Muwanguzi - June 30, 2012

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