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Greetings from Kenya

by: David Kinya as told in an email to the Duell's

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I always read the report of every where you have been and I always get excited about it. I love to read the reports. I saw the video that advertised the youth camp. I came along with some friends to the internet cafe and they saw you chop the youth and they were very excited about it. They all said that they would love to meet you. They mighty accompany us to Nakuru in October. Hallelujah.

Three months ago, one of our church members asked me to come to their plot and minister to her neighbor who was H.I.V positive. She could not afford the medicine required to keep her body strong and healthy and she couldn't afford good food. She was desperate. She was ready to die. I ministered to her the word of God to restore her peace and I assured her from the Word that God loves her and doesn't look at her works and does not condemn her. The disease wasn't a punishment from God but the work of the devil. Slowly, faith began to be built in her heart and when we prayed, I commanded the virus to come out of her body and her body to be healed, white blood cells to revive and increase, and every other sickness in her body to depart.

Three weeks ago, she told her neighbor that when we prayed for her, she gained her appetite, and GOD BLESSED HER BUSINESS SO THAT SHE COULD GET GOOD FOOD. Just last month, she went for HIV Test again and SHE TESTED NEGATIVE!!!! God is good and His word is true.

Pass our greetings to everybody. We are praying for you and waiting for October so that we can meet again. Praise God!!!



David--We love the reports you send us out of Kenya! We can't wait to see you and your Mom and sister again at the World Conference in Kenya in October!!! Tell your brother we'd like to see him too!!
by: Bonnie and Dave Duell

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