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Deborah Wittmier teaches on "Who Are You?"

by: Deborah Wittmier

Deborah's teaching for April 2007, as the celebration of Christ's resurrection was at hand, was entitled "Who Are You?" and began, "The area of your identity is the first battleground where Satan fights you."

She continued, "If the enemy can get you to view yourself as separate from God, focused on your own inadequacies, he will be able to rob you. Learn how to see yourself as connected to God, through Christ, knowing that you are protected by God, acceptable to God and that you are God's special creation. To the extent that you identify yourself with Christ, that is the extent to which you will experience Christ's victory in your life. Learn how to identify yourself this way, which is the only way to have self-worth as a Christian."

Deborah Wittmier Deborah Ministries International Greenwood Village, Colorado



This is a great teaching and you can email her at [email protected]
by: Harvey

Deborah is a great teacher of the Good News Message. This topic of "Who Are You?" is one of the most important you can learn.

Contact Deb and see how to get her messages.
by: Bonnie Duell

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