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07 US Youth Camp

by: Bonnie Duell

2007 US Youth Camp, at Wondervu Camp in Golden, Colorado, was a huge success with about 175 campers and lives changed eternally! Here are just a few stories and reports we have received.

Juli - Camp is for building relationships! The Wondervu Camp Directors said that our group of campers was the best group they have ever had.

Alex from Denver, CO - expected just another church camp, but you can't put a dollar amount on what God gave him and what he experienced. He'll be back!

Julio from Aurora, CO - What can he say? It was UNBELIEVABLE! He received the manifestation of being baptized in the Holy Spirit! Everyone was so together, appreciated each other and were so open during worship. Camp was like nothing he'd ever experienced before!

McKenna, Durango, CO - This was her 2nd year at camp and it was great! All the kids want to go up to worship God. She loved it and cried every night.

McKayla, Denver, CO - This was her third year and it was so fun. It was amazing how just a smile will change someone's life and she saw that happen with a young man.

Stan, Denver, CO - Had gone to another church camp a couple of weeks ago and his heart started softening then. He has known God for some time, but had become addicted to some drugs and didn't have a relationship with God. This week all the joy and fun broke all the hardness off and now his heart is full of joy. He also got the revelation that the greatest leaders are servers.

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I had so much fun at camp. I not only grew closer to God, but I made new friends. Some things got to me at camp. Worship and our Pastor's teaching was awesome. At worship, everyone would get up out of their seats, go to the front of the stage with their arms wide open and start singing to the Lord. At first, some kids were afraid they would be judged if they lifted their hands and that got to me. I went to some of my friends and family who were sitting down and started praying for them. The next night they were worshiping and giving God all of themselves. I broke down crying and thanking God. I really felt God's presence there with us. I felt it also when I fell out in the Holy Spirit! Yep, and I loved it!

My pastor at camp (Dave Duell) was awesome in his teachings. The way he worded things was great and when he told stories, there wasn't anyone in the room who wasn't laughing.

Camp was a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget it. Thanks for your prayers and support.
by: Haley Grimes

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