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07 European Youth Camp

by: Bonnie Duell as told to Nancy Mock

The European Youth Camp at the Frontier Centre in England was remarkable this year!

Wednesday night was an AMAZING night! The Holy Spirit did an awesome work. Dave did the mime of where he turns around and becomes Jesus and the kids were crying and laying everywhere. When Dave blew in the microphone, almost everyone there fell over and even the workers were getting set free!

The drama was really great. Kendyll sang prophecies over people and sang over a 14 year old Nigerian girl. She prophesied and confirmed what others felt, that this girl will have the same gift as Kendyll. Chris Schneider, from the US, stood up and testified that last year, he was delivered from drugs by Dave. He told the youth that if they needed help, they should go see Dave. Finally, he said, "I can help you!" and two of the youth came to him for prayer.

There were over 60 youth there, with 11 from Hungary and their lives have been radically changed and through them, nations have been impacted!

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Hungarian testimonies from Youth Camp 23-27 July 2007

I'm so thankful that I could come to this camp. I learnt a lot. When I entered the camp, the girls were hugging me and I felt the love of God on them. These guys are so amazing. I enjoyed the drama and the events too. I didn't really feel the Holy Spirit since a very long time ago. But now I did and I heard God's Word. So I just want to say thank you to all the people who helped us to come here. May God bless you and I wish that you get the reward. With love, Sandra
P.S. I don't wanna go home!!!

I'm very thankful that I could be here. The people here were very nice. I could get to know a lot of kind people like this. Wednesday night the Lord really touched me, I laughed and cried very much, I haven't felt like this in a long time. I also enjoyed the workshop. Thank you for the support and that I could be here.
Esther Damaris Gal

I really enjoyed this camp. I loved all the activities and team work. I had a chance to meet many people and make good friends. In this camp I let myself go and was active in everything. I also loved the message that Dave Duell gave us and all in all there was nothing I could complain about. I hope I can come again next year. Thank you for everything, Deborah Annemarie Palmer.

by: Bonnie Duell as told to Deb Ward

This camp was absolutely brilliant!
My life has changed so, so much since I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and I feel so much closer to God and those that I know!
Thanks to everyone who made it and this remarkable event possible, as it has made my life open to exciting new things that I can't wait to be a part of! I've never felt this loved in my life. I'm so happy that these events are spreading because to deny them would be a crime.

I'll be seeing everyone next year!
by: Dan Gibling

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