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Salvation and healing included in dedication services in Fairplay, Colorado, USA

by: Ellene Meece

Grady and Jody Miller, pastors of Faith Freedom Fellowship, located in the high country of Colorado at an altitude of 9,953 ft. (3,034 m), reached one of their dreams this past fall. A member in their community and congregation, Kathleen Thomas Gaspar, writes about the occasion, "To the delight of a large congregation of joyful church members and visitors from the local and regional community, dedication services for Faith Freedom Fellowship were held Sunday, Oct. 29, in the church's new sanctuary . . . Joining the celebration were Dave Duell of Denver-based Faith Ministries International, Ron Marquardt of Solutions Ministries, Huntsville, Alabama, and Clint and Andrea Herrema, FMCI members. Dave ministered, leading believers to divine healing and Baptism in the Holy Spirit . . . Dave, who had returned from South Africa two days prior to the Fairplay dedication, recounted many instances in which the love of Jesus Christ and the healing power of the Holy Spirit had manifested in those God had called him to heal."

Ellene Meece currently serves on the FMIN Leadership Team as the Administrative Assistant, helping the Network to run smoothly. She resides in Meeker, Colorado, USA.



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