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US Team networks in Kenya

by: Ellene Meece

Jan Moshier, Peoria, Illinois, USA, took a team to Kenya this past fall and connected with Bill and Lenah Kilel, Nakuru, Kenya, for a very productive outreach. Jan's comments overflow with emotion as she reflects on their journey, "I know when we commit ourselves to the Lord, not only does He give us our desires, but He plants those desires in us. So, I just thank God now with a whole heart for a three-week mission journey that was the most awesome ever. I thank Him for every person we met, for each precious church and ministry we were honored to meet and encourage, for the amazing ministry done within our team and the gifts that He developed in us to do His work more effectively."

Ellene Meece currently serves on the FMIN Leadership Team as the Administrative Assistant, helping the Network to run smoothly. She resides in Meeker, Colorado, USA.



Hi Jan. Its always good to be with you here in Meru. You always refresh us by your visits. We had a great time this year too. Everybody wants you back. We love you. Please come again with the team.
by: David K Remi

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