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07 European Men's Conference

by: Bonnie Duell

Something great happens when met get together to praise God! We experienced that at our recent FMIN Euro Men's Conference at The Forest Pines Hotel in Lincolnshire, England. Tino Todino and his team did an awesome job of leading us into intimate worship.

Tom Hawkins did a great job organizing and facilitating the conference where men came from England, Hungary, Scotland and the USA. New relationships were established which will cause the Good News message to spread.

Many gave testimony of the significant changes in their lives since hearing of the fact that they are righteous by faith in what Jesus accomplished in His death, burial and resurrection. Dave Duell and Dennis Capra challenged the men to renew their minds to the truth that "they've already got it" and can go forth and change their world.

A bonus fun time was watching the Rugby World Cup Championship between England and South Africa with men from both countries yelling for their team.

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