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FMIN Grace-Full Marriage Weekend

by: Bonnie Duell

"From the moment we all (people from eight States) were in that hotel ballroom, the presence of God was overwhelming. Even before anyone spoke. Then, as the ministry began, it was awesome!!!" Geri Coulter, FMIN Partner, was ecstatic.

Geri continued, "Every message was like we speakers had all conferenced for weeks, planning our strategy, building line upon line all the way through. It was by far the best one ever!!!! My daughter and her husband got soooo blessed. She has known Dave since she was about 14 years old, so she loves him dearly. I can't even describe everything. The ministers doing the teaching were also ministered to in powerful ways. Everyone was.....beyond expectation."

Ted Nelson wrote, "Thanks guys, the seminar was wonderful. The couple that came with us, had never been to an FMIN function, and could not stop talking about it on our 10 hr. drive home. The timing was good. Georgie and I especially needed this time away and the counsel we received. I'd like to personally thank the Coulters and Capras for the time they spent with us regarding our current 'bump-in-the-road.' Thanks for praying with us. Your input and wisdom were timely and on the money. We also found some new friends in the Schecks. Wish we could have spent more time with them."

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