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Swashbuckling, Sword-laden Pirates

Network Youth Circle the Globe with God's Love

Can you imagine, swashbuckling, sword- laden pirates, one that looks strikingly similar to our own Dave Duell in dreadlocks, infiltrating FMIN Youth Camps? That's exactly what happened this year! The theme for our 2007 Youth Camps was "Pirates of the Fallen World -- Curse of the Red Apple." The drama each night portrayed good pirates versus evil pirates, all searching for the treasure.

We live by the spirit of the code. That is what the pirates found out when they discovered the treasure chest. It's not the law or the letter of the law that God wants us to live by. We are not under law but under grace. Geary Perry explains, "Young people are craving acceptance and the reality of knowing a God who loves them. That is what they receive when they come to camp."

Geary, FMIN Youth Director and creative author, continues, "Wow, 2007, what an amazing year for Youth Camps! We had our ninth youth camp in the USA this past summer, our fourth youth camp in England, our first youth camp in South Africa, and we have plans for our first youth camp in Brazil."

"In 1999 we started FMIN's first youth camp. We envisioned that it would be a place where young people could come who aspire to be in leadership and eventually take on the responsibility of leading the camp. Here we are after nine years of doing youth camps, and we are seeing the fruits of that in so many ways. Young people are leading worship, leading workshops, writing and acting in drama. They have a passionate desire to minister to young people all around the world to see them set free."

Their own words speak volumes!

One young man had expected just another church camp. He was surprised. He said you can't put a dollar amount on what God gave him and what he experienced.

Another said it was unbelievable! "Everyone was so together, appreciating each other and were so open during worship."

One of the youngest campers said, "It was amazing how just a smile could change someone's life."

A young man from Colorado had known God for some time but had become addicted to some drugs and didn't have a relationship with God. That changed. "Camp showed me how much I need to spend time with Him because of all He has done for me."

One camper stated, "Oh, and we don't want to forget the best part--Dave's preaching!"

A young man testified that last year God, through Dave, delivered him from drugs. He told the youth that if they needed help, they should go see Dave. Finally, he said, "I can help you!" and two of the youth came to him for prayer.

Praise reports from the European Youth Camp came in quickly and echoed the common experiences with Godís grace. Among the 60 campers were 11 youth from Hungary. Over and over again we heard "I'm so thankful I could come to this camp," as well as, "I felt so much love."

"When I entered the camp, the girls were hugging me and I felt the love of God on them. I haven't felt like this in a long time."

"I loved the message that Dave Duell gave us and, all in all, there was nothing I could complain about."

"It was the best camp ever!"

"Wednesday evening the Holy Spirit filled me up. In this camp I learned that I have value in God's eyes."

"What touched me most was the community
there. I'm not someone with the best social skills, but it was easy to talk to people there because the fear of being awkward was gone."

Miracles happened.

Esther reported a healing. "Five years ago my knee was wounded, and the doctors were not able to determine the cause. On the first day when Dave asked, "Whose knee hurts?" I felt in my heart that this was for me only. Since then it has been totally healed, and I believe it will not hurt anymore!"

"I received a miracle. I had broken my arm and was unable to move it very much. Now I can move it!"

A camper explained, "One of my friends received Jesus in his heart. My eyes started to get healed. I learned a lot about how to release the power of God. I've seen so many healings and listened to prophecies. I feel I can change my way of thinking. I am loaded up!"

Eniko said, "I was converted during this camp. I experienced God's boundless affection. Many people told me how much
I changed. And the camp played a big role in this for me. I accepted the statement that I am perfect. And since then, when I meet someone else, I try to look at them in this manner."

Here is what the campers learned during the week, as expressed by Graham, ". . . that we are no longer held captive by sin, but we are a treasure in God's eyes and have an inheritance. The camp leaders really put emphasis on how important our relationship with God is and how crucial it is to keep building upon it."

Moriah enthused, "FMIN Youth Camp in Colorado was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! I've been an active Christian most of my life, but at camp I really saw and experienced first-hand the awesome power and amazing love of God! My favorite part was the evening services! They were so unlike most services, where you just sit and listen to someone talk at you. Dave Duell was so interesting and engaging! Oh, and the worship and camp drama every night were AWESOME! I'd love to go back next year and take all my friends!"

Geary concludes, "The young people have the vision and revelation that they, too, can be used by God. They know the grace of God is real, that they are not limited or under bondage. They are discovering the elation that results from being free to operate in the gifts God has given them."

Start preparing now to send your youth to camp in 2008. They'll thank you for it.

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