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A Prophetic "Divine Connection" 10 Years in Advance

by: Angus Nelson

In 2002, I attended my first Faith Ministries International Network World Conference after my parents prompting me for almost two years. With great anticipation I sat in the first service unaware of what was to come.

As I saw Dave Duell minister for the first time, I was reminded of an experience I had in the summer of 1991 with a gentleman in Siberia. Of course, we all know that Dave has a very unique style, and that's what caught my attention.

After the first night's service in Denver, I was in a Denny's restaurant talking with my wife, recounting the story of my interaction with this man in Siberia. I was with a team of young people with Teen Mania in a hotel in Novosibirsk, in the southeastern Western Siberian Plain of Russia, where this man was invited to minister to us in a tiny room off of the main foyer. This unnamed man taught for a little while and then, one by one, prayed and prophesied over my teammates.

When he came to me, he got down on his knees, laid his hands on my feet and prophesied, "You will have an impact on the world and touch many nations." Then he stood up, gave me the "chop" and I flew across the room onto my back and slid up to the marble wall. Obviously, this was a significantly memorable time in my life.

So during the World Conference, as I saw Dave Duell minister, I wondered if this same man that my dad had bragged about to me for months was the same man I had seen in Novosibirsk. My wife simply said, "Ask him." "I'm not going to ask him" I replied, "He's the head of this ministry."

The next morning as I headed to the conference, the elevator opened and there, standing in front of me, was Dave Duell. I said, "Excuse me." Dave turned and yelled in Dave fashion "ANGUUUUS, my bruuther!!!" He remembered my name from the night before; I felt relaxed.

So I started, "Mr. Duell, were you in Russia in 1991?" Dave said, "Yes."

"Siberia?" He cocked his brow, "Yes." "Novosibirsk???" He answered, "Yeah!"

I exclaimed, "YOU PRAYED FOR ME AND MY TEAM AT A HOTEL!!" And then Dave yelled, "AND THEN WE WENT TO THE CIRCUS!!" And I yelled, "YEEEAAAAHHH!!" At that moment, the man my dad had spoken so highly of, the man he couldn't wait for me to see and hear . . . I could say of him, "I've known him for years."

At that Circus where Dave spoke, he took an altar call and we prayed for hundreds of people. The next day we had the very first church service for over 1500 people, with miracles and salvations aplenty. It was an incredible time.

It is quite amazing that our family, through me, would have a "divine connection" with Dave Duell for approximately ten years, on the other side of the world, before my parents ever heard of Dave Duell and Faith Ministries, let alone, became partners in the Network. It had to be a "GOD THING."

Angus Nelson is the son of Ted & Georgie Nelson, FMIN Partners, and lives in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, with his wife and daughter. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Impact School of Ministry in Huntsville. He is the Communications Director for "Renown of Huntsville," an outreach to young adults.



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