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When I Was Young

by: Kendyll Merrell

When I was young, I always knew I would travel the world. My Grandpa Dave constantly told stories of wild adventures in far off places and I would tell myself, "I'm going there someday." And I know most of you have already laughed at the fact that an 18-year-old has begun this article with the phrase, "when I was young," but I was young then and I am still young now. The only difference is that now I am actually doing what I was saying.

Not only am I currently living in France for six months, but also I have traveled to seven different countries, all before graduating high school. But I do not consider myself lucky; blessed would be a better word. I am blessed in the fact that God has set up countless opportunities for me to fulfill my heart's desires. I am blessed in the fact that He has always provided finances for this expensive love of mine. And I am blessed in the fact that all of these blessings have come from a Network which continually opens doors to more blessings.

Sounds like quite the deal doesn't it? But I guess with having such an extravagant God, we should expect extravagant things. It is through Him that Faith Ministries International Network has set up youth camps in the USA, Brazil, South Africa, and England; women's and men's conferences in the USA and Europe; and now a world conference in Kenya, East Africa. Through personal experience, I can say that God truly has His hands in every event.

Although I must say that because I am a youth, I do hold a special love for the youth camps in particular. And for those of you who do not know, when it comes to putting on youth camps, the sacrifice of time, money and sleep is always guaranteed--but trust me, the experience is worth it.

During every camp, I have seen God take the hearts of the young and give them a new, eternal hope. He restores the broken hearted, delivers the burdened, and continually pours His joy into every spirit. It is unbelievably amazing to see and experience the amount of love He releases. Oh, and always count on Him showing up at the meetings and having some fun. He loves proving how wild He can really be, almost as much as He loves proving He can work through anyone. From prophecies to healings, to many other physical and spiritual gifts, we are all constantly using and developing what God has given us.

But to be quite honest, no description of any camp or conference comes close to the actual experience. A person not only goes through life-changing moments with God, but they also are promised fulfillment of a need that every person is created to have: relationships. For me personally, I cannot even begin to describe the impact the people I have met have had on my life. No material possession can even compare to the relationships God has given me. And I will say it is quite a good feeling to know that in Australia, Europe and throughout America, there are people who I can depend on to love generously; after all, look at where I am living.

Beyond the desire to learn the language, I chose to move to France because I know God's purpose for this period of my life is to bless the people here any way possible. However, it is clear that my choices would have been quite limited if the relationships I have, because of God and the Network, would not have existed. I thank God for the incredible people He has placed in my life. Endless support, love and obedience have put me where I am. What He has in store for France and the rest of the world is bigger than all of us; for I have seen too much, heard too much, and experienced too much to think otherwise.

The Network spreads throughout the nations with truth and love, and I am all too happy to be able to be a part of it. I am all too happy to create my own wild adventures in far off places, but I still tell myself, "I am going there someday."

After all, with God as my travel agent, why not?

Kendyll Merrell, 18, scholar, artist and prophetic singer, is the daughter of Juli Perry and Joe Bob Merrell, granddaughter of Dave and Bonnie Duell. She graduated from Faith Christian Academy in Colorado in May and is now living in Marseille, France, with FMIN Partners Chris and Terri Wright, helping in their church and studying French.



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Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. I just want to thank God for the love of his work He has put in you and thank you too accepting him. I am pastor Emmanuel Muwanguzi from Uganda, East Africa pastor King of Kings Church in Tororo municipality. I also want to invite you to Uganda for a youth conference next year 2008. God bless you. I wish you a happy New Year.

by: Pastor Emmanuel Muwanguzi

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