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07 US FMIN Men's Conference

Men, BBQ, and God's Power

The 2007 Men's Conference in Silver Creek, Colorado, has come and gone, proving to be another successful year. The Holy Spirit showed up in a big way, changing the hearts and lives of everyone who attended. Some of the comments we heard include:

"You know, I wasn't planning on coming; however, when I heard a spot had opened up because another at my church couldn't attend, my wife told me that I was going"

"Man, I just could not stop laughing!"

"Being accepted is so great; I feel as though I am being treated equally."

"The conference was awesome! My purpose and destiny were confirmed. I now ask myself, 'How should you act as a son of God, a king and an heir?'"

"I'm a changed guy! Everything was perfect--the food, timing, weather, people. It was the most fabulous time I've had in my life!"

One man who has recently been healed of cancer said, "I'm really looking to develop a healing ministry through what I heard at this conference. I feel as though the gifts of the Holy Spirit are mine to use."

"This morning I woke up and unconsciously walked to the door without my crutches. My broken foot was healed!" By Sunday, this man was literally running around the meeting room without his crutches!

A brother was cured of diabetes. At the beginning of the conference his blood sugar level was 264; by Sunday his blood sugar level was 106. "It's the lowest it's been in years."

"God spoke to me. Ed asked us to close our eyes and see ourselves in a special place. I was immediately at a familiar lake in Michigan. Jesus was standing next to me, barefoot in the sand, fishing. He turned to me and said, 'I love you, son.' Jesus then caught a big fish and said to me, 'Here son, you reel it in. Iím hooking people for you and you're going to reel them in.'"

"I always felt as though I didn't fit into this type of group, meaning Christians. I learned this is my Family."

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