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Reaching Out To The Lonely

by: Ali Capra-Moyer

Our youth meet on Wednesday nights to hang out and get discipled. At one time we had 30-40 youth consistently coming, with a youth-led praise band and snack shop. Then one week we had four youth leaders show up ready to minister to the kids . . . and only one showed up! We all felt discouraged. These are the young people we had poured our lives into to disciple. We decided not to let disappointment get us down.

One of the youth leaders wondered, "Maybe
we are trying to reach the wrong kids . . . all the kids involved in our church are doing something productive with their time. Why don't we find kids who have nothing to do during the week and reach out to them?"

It sounded like the simplest concept. We would go to the apartment complexes in our community less then three miles from our church, knock on doors and meet new kids. The first week was a huge success. We invited them to play soccer and volleyball, and they all got to know our youth. Within weeks the youth group had 7-10 new members. These kids felt loved and connected.

Every two weeks our new youth go with a team of skateboarders, break dancers and preachers to the apartment complexes where many Hispanic people live. We knock on doors to invite families down to the parking lot. In this community many are illegal immigrants. They do not leave their apartments much because they do not want to get in trouble. So we come to them. We minister in Spanish over a small sound system. Our youth hang out, serve hot dogs, and meet new children and youth. We let them play on skateboards and tell them about Jesus. Little kids pile on our laps to hug us and play games.

It is so simple!

Ali Capra-Moyer is the daughter of Dennis and Denise Capra and helps with the youth ministry at Faith Ministries World Outreach Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She is married to Dave and Bonnie Duell's grandson, Darren. Ali is a talented graphic designer and photographer who works for FMWOC as well as FMIN.



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hi ali my neme is sundar pastor in india iam very happy to meet in the inter net ,please pry for mi from india

[email protected]
iam waiting for ur faith reply bye
by: sundar kumar.T

This is really cool! Love it.
by: Cindy

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