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Daniel and Lily Kizhakkevila Enjoyed a Fruitful Convention

Daniel told us "God has granted us a 2008 with a new promise and a new mission!" Daniel, Lily and son Lionel held a convention, which he said "was the best we ever had". About 600 people attended the opening night, which is great, but by Sunday attendance was around 1800 people. On Sunday they baptised 36 people. By the end of the convention, 246 responded to the call of God on their lives. Many alcoholics and oppressed were set free, and there were many physical healings. During the convention the Kizhakkevila's served around 7800 meals! They were blessed to be able to give away blankets to poor seniors, and 500 toys to children under the age of twelve.
Their focus for 2008 will be:
1. Helping the persecuted Christians in Orissa, and
2. Helping Sri Lankan Refugees



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