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Isaac Kinyua Discovers He's Empowered to Make a Difference!

Isaac Kinyua is the youngest son of Margaret Remi Thomas and the brother of David Kinyua, from Meru, Kenya. Isaac tells FMIN "God's love is great. A month ago, I prayed for the young people living in our country and I wanted to reach some of them, so I started with my own village. I asked the youth in our church if they would like to join me reach some of the unreached hearts and four of them agreed. We knew that we were supposed to be committed to be doers and not hearers. So far, we have visited six villages and we have seen people changing their directions and accepting Jesus in their lives."

"God is a merciful God. Some of the people who decided to join us never thought that God would forgive them and we preached to them the God who loves them. God is love. We are joined by young people every day."

"Last week was my first time to pray for older people. I prayed for a woman with a problem with her right hand, which she used to work. She believed in God and He healed her."

"I'm glad I attended the Conference in Nakuru in October 2007. I believe that I'm EMPOWERED TO MAKE DIFFERENCE. We have visited far places and we have people coming from far places every Sunday for the services."



Isaac, the anointing of the Lord is upon you to preach the good news and set the captives free. You are right on track.
by: Ellene Meece

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