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2008 FMIN World Conference

by: Bonnie Duell

World Conference in Denver, Colorado USA

They came from 12 nations--Uganda, Kenya, France, England, Pakistan, India, Philippines, USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Columbia.

Nate Tanner, a Partner who works with World Impact Tours, exclaimed, "I walked in Monday night and my Jesus tank filled up. I got revelation of grace and peace." Gabriel, Nate and Rute's three-year-old son, didn't want to leave the evening ministry time, "Jesus is there. I want to talk to Jesus. Jesus is so there."

Paul Milligan, one of the speakers said, "This message of grace and faith is the difference between life and death in the world. FMIN is making a difference."

Daniel Kizhakkevila, a Partner from India said, "The people here are real. This is a very simple message, but powerful--it removes the burden from the people because it is not legalistic."

Mona Shirley, a Partner from Colorado, wrote, "Oh - but it was awesome! Each night as we sang, worshipped, praised, my heart longed for you all to be partaking of His splendor. There may have been about 200 people each night but as we lifted our hearts and voices to the Lord - there must have been 800 angels joining us. Some songs were so beautiful and powerful that I thought there were 1000 people there singing. I'm not exaggerating either. It was probably the most awesome praise and worship time I've been in for years. It was encouraging and healing.

"It was such a time of refreshing - renewing - reunion. There were folks there from 12 nations. What a way to see the world! Most of these people speak English and are so eager to share all that God is doing in their countries. They are full of dreams - visions - desires and love. They came as the rest of us to learn, connect and make a plan to reach the world with the message of God's love. People in every part of the world are just like you and me. They don't want religion. They want freedom."

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Dear Dave and Bonnie,
I am glad to be able to come to the World Conference 2008 in Denver. Thank you for making me feel at home. The family of John and Gloria who stayed with was wonderful and the time of the conference was a time of meeting God to speak to my soul, in Praise and Worship,the word and deliverance ministry. I am now a new minister,what an impartation. The Partner testimonies too were encouraging. You have enabled me to connect globally. This was my first time to go to USA. I am grateful,our ministry will never be the same. Your Partnership is very practical. I am glad you are there for us to help us learn more of the grace message.
Berna Senyonga,Kampala,Uganda.Email:[email protected]:256-772-518664/501169
by: Berna Senyonga

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