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Andy and Debbie Greene Take Team to Romania

Andy and Debbie write,"We have just returned from Romania where we had a wonderful team of 12 hard working individuals. The people were drawn from all over the North East of England and from a number of different churches.

The trip combined some very hard practical work and also a lot of teaching.

On the practical front we:
a) Moved 10 tonnes of concrete making nearly 40 metres of path and drains.
b) Laid 26 metres of drains
c) Repaired, made and painted fences, gates and play park equipment.
d) Landscaped the front and renovated the rest of the garden.

The team were fantastic and worked non stop and refused to lose focus even when minor frustrations occurred in the local supply chain. When the team leader suggested some time out shopping or sight seeing the answer was always the same from the team - work first!

On the teaching front we had two, 2 hour evening sessions, a full day Saturday and two services Sunday when we had the privilege of ministering to the local people and each other. During these times we tried to bring some teaching on single life, marriage, uniqueness, love and prophecy. The whole team contributed to the teaching times with some speaking in public for the first time.

The project we were working with also tries to feed 450 people each month with a carrier bag of staple foods. Although we would consider this donation very small, for many of the old people it represents the difference between life and starvation. The team were involved in packing all the bags and then delivering them over 2 days and ministering to the people with the food and prayer.

We had a wonderful blessed time and our lives are richer for the experience. Since we got back we have missed each other and all the talk is of when we can go back. It was an ambitious programme, but everyone was determined to do as much as possible. The teams achievements in eight days were breath taking, not just in practical terms but also lives transformed.

I would just say to anyone who is thinking of going on a mission trip - GO! And to anyone who has not been - try it, you will have a great time and you will be blessed and a blessing at the same time."

Please enjoy the photos to the right.

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Hi Andy and Debbie!! Wonderful report here. GOD bless you all and give you more opportunities to serve the His people for His glory. Amen
by: David K Remi. -Kenya

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