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Partner Cross Africa to Network

David Kinyua Remi, son of FMIN Partner Margaret Remi took his first plane trip from Kenya to Network with FMIN Partners Effiong and Uduak Noah in Nigeria. There were many open air meetings. David tells us, "Many people came to receive salvation and healing.The open air crusades were awesome and powerful. On Saturday, I preached that God is not mad at people and that He is using love to draw people back to Him. Romans 5:8 says that God commended his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Very many people came to receive salvation. One of the pastors told me that 3 people reconciled with their wives on Sunday morning as a result of the love message. If love doesn't work, nothing will. AMEN.Then came following week. We spent it moving to churches, primary and high schools ministering to them, praying with the students, ministering to the teachers and establishing relationships with pastors. I preached in a church which began as an occult gathering but ended up being reformed by Effiong Noah and another pastor. That evening I preached salvation and righteousness by grace. I explained the finished work of the cross. I then prayed for about 60 people, some came to be born again and others came for healing and deliverance. The power of God was flowing so strongly. They were all liberated! During our last miracle service I taught about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and how they can flow in the power of God. I also spoke of how we have received the adoption as Sons and that God has given us the spirit of His son crying Abba Father. Then, after the sermon, I asked those who wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to come forward. Almost the whole church came forward. After instructing then to ask and believe and start speaking, I blew on the microphone and the power of God fell on them mightily, they could not stand on their feet. I could feel it on me too. It was wonderful.That night, Bishop Noah prophesied to me. He prayed over me and asked me to plan visiting him again in March. He also wants to come to Meru."

How exciting for Partners to minister together and develop long-lasting relationships!

The above photo is of Effiong Noah and David.



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