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Grace Bible College Graduation in Kenya

Africa Directors Bill and Lenah Kilel shared a wonderful report of their recent graduation ceremony in Meru, Kenya.

Comments from the students included:
"I joined the bible School to prove that the message they were teaching was not the real Bible but after sitting in the Class for 4 months, I wondered whether I was really born again! The way they taught in the class was so simple that you would wonder whether the Bible has been the same one we were using or not. I repented and explained to my teachers that I was so sorry that I did not believe this in the beginning. I wish all the pastors could get this message and Kenya will never be the same." James

"Before I joined the Grace Bible College, I was full of anger and I thought being serious at all times would make you a true Christian. The Bible school tore down all that and made me to realise that all I need in my life is to have a good relationship with Jesus on a personal level. I thank God for this college coming to Kenya. It is what is needed right now by all. May God Bless you all" Lucy

"I came to this Bible college not knowing what to expect because I am from a religious background where people were always told to respect and keep their distant from the ministers of God. This college is funny because you interact with your teachers and talk to each other like brothers and sisters and seeing each other like equal in the body of Christ. I will cherish this daily and will teach my church that all people are equal in the eyes of God and when relationships are build, Christianity becomes real. God bless you all. There is power in unity and a lot will be accomplished." Sylvester

Bill and Lenah said "We bless the Lord for we watched these students grow from Religion to Lovers of God and mankind!"

Please enjoy the photos to the right.

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What tremendous testimonies to the power of the Gospel--the Good News Message of God's love, peace and grace! Thank you, Bill and Lenah, for proclaiming this News to the ends of the earth! We are so proud of you and thankful for you!
by: Dave and Bonnie Duell

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