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2009 US FMIN Men's Conference

The U.S. Men's Conference was a huge success as 100 men gathered in the beautiful mountains of Colorado from many states and Uganda. God showed up and ministered by the power of His Spirit through Dave Duell, Dennis Capra and Ed Shirley; Don Francisco and Mike Banta, and many others. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Everyone was flowing in the richest relationships.

"It was the best time of my life!" Philip

"I went home and apologized to my wife on bended knee. I am now alcohol free!" Butch

"I was blown away. This is the best conference I've ever been to! My life was changed." Russ

"I never got hit by the power like I did last night. I thought I was going to die. I was healed of a bad neck and back." John

An emotionally charged time was had by all as more than 30 men were baptized in the swimming pool after the Saturday evening meeting. Dads were baptizing their sons, crying.

Thank you, Ed and Mona Shirley, for all the work and planning that went into this event!

Dennis brought a prophetic word from God, given to a woman in their church, to read at the recent Men's Conference in Colorado.

My Child,

I gave you your hands to move and carry out My work. I gave you your feet to take you to all the corners of the earth that you would show the world My love set forth by Jesus. Oh, the cries for deliverance are great and a spirit of hopelessness and lack of purpose like never before has been cast over My children who are scattered among you, even those who walk around in darkness.

They are haunted by fear as the devil sits in his corner all crippled, with only the weapon of his mouth. But you see they believe the lies that he tells because they have no light or hope of My life in them. Because they believe the lies, they've created their own realities and allowed cursing to surround them. Some even inviting the cursing because they believe that it's My will. You must go and tell them the truth. They are waiting for you.

I have given you all the power by Jesus' resurrection. The enemy can only gain power if you allow him to steal the knowledge of truth that I have placed in your heart. He has no power to steal or to kill unless he is allowed to by one surrendering to fear. Many are without knowledge or light therefore granting access to him who leads to death for sake of religion or simply by default. Lack of knowledge is his power. "Our adversary the devil prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." Notice that I don't say that he prowls around devouring. He cannot harm unless permitted. But lack of knowledge permits.

You are pure light; you are perfectly pruned and cleaned by your Father in heaven, and even when you stumble, the power, grace and strength of God cannot be shaken off of you. You are in Me and you cannot fail. I am turning your desires into My will and as you keep on walking, your life will be in Me. You will produce much fruit; you will gather up overflowing abundance, all you can carry.

Bring every vat and bucket - your bank registers, your wallets and safes. I am pouring out abundance like you've never seen, but if you have no place to put it, I will not let My blessing fall to the ground to be picked up and dusted off by hands that it was not intended for. Most importantly, your heart is a storage place. How big can you dream? For where your dream and confidence in My ability ends, that is where you will limit Me and at that point My oil will dry up from its source. You see, if there is no pull or demand for the oil, then I won't give it. I am not careless to pour supply into hands that cannot receive it. Since I give overflow, you may wonder where would this overflow go if not to the ground?

Imagine a stack of champagne glasses. As you build yourself up by praying in the Holy Ghost, more glasses are added to the bottom of the stack. The tower grows higher and higher, each overflowing into the others, and there is no end to how tall it can grow. While you are creating more and more storage and reaching deeper understanding and knowledge of the richness of your salvation, you also are drawing water from heaven that I pour out. It is the well of life. Bring your household and those whom you have a right to bring (your spouse, children, family and anyone else who invites your authority into their home). Add glasses for their sake that the water you draw may fill theirs as well, that they may taste and experience My everlasting love and forgiveness, until they are strong enough to no longer require your mantle.

Allow and expect Me even today to multiply you 10, 100, 10,000 and more. Don't give Me numbers for numbers only limit Me, but think in terms of infinite, all, to go beyond your own comprehension believing that there is much more than you know about and levels that you don't know exist.

Here you are today asking and claiming amounts sufficient for your bills, gas, food and recreation; even enough to give large amounts. But you forget that I created all the riches of the earth and I give you access to wealth and provision that I have hidden that have not yet been uncovered. You know that the deep goes on and on without stopping, but if you cannot comprehend or measure its length, does that make its distance any shorter? No, it only limits how far you will look. Did not Abraham, Solomon or Job own lands, trees, waters and the riches within their territory? Yet having not seen or taken inventory of all the vastness held within, didn't they still hold a title deed to the property? Though they didn't have equipment or need for oil does that mean that it was not hidden beneath the surface?

Expect Me! Expect Me! I have prepared nothing but blessing, supply, hope, joy, wisdom and solutions for you today! I am pleased when you ask for My help. This shows faith which is not for My sake but for your own, reminding you that you have retained some degree of trust in Me. Why would you ask for Me to do something that you didn't believe is possible for Me to do? Though your head will contradict, it's your heart by witness of my Spirit that chooses to speak the truth. Even in the tiny degree that you had faith enough to put effort into a single breath to ask for My help.

Yes! My power is so great in you that even that small measure of faith held reserve in your spoken request can move your mountain. I already know very well every need you have and every desire that I have placed in your heart. It was Me who planted you. If you are in Me, then your desires are in line with My will. So when you speak it forth, then your voice makes two in agreement, thus bringing it to pass. When you look for Me, you find that I am always right there and that it is never Me that leaves you, but you who has left Me. Even then I stayed behind you to catch you and cushion your falls. I never let my children hit the ground without My grace cushion.

Just sharpen your sword, and in all your times of need and trouble, desires and fears, stand strong and let My spirit slay the adversary. This is your faith, this is your hope it is simple and why you have no load to carry. You have been more than called. Realize that there is further strength and revelation by My spirit that you cannot comprehend or know how to pray for yet. But know that if you are in Me that you CANNOT and WILL NOT fail. It is your blood, your new being.

How do animals know how to feed their young and how to hunt for food and how do poisonous plants wage protection on themselves? It is their nature that I placed within them. When you received your new blood, I set you on a course of righteousness (meaning straight path). It is one of only success, hope and knowledge. You just have to realize that all the pressure is on Me and realize that even when you make a mistake, ask yourself, "How badly can it really hurt you? How far from My grace do you really think you can fall, that I cannot reach you?"

Fear of making a mistake will keep you from moving forward; it will hold you stationary like a dead man who can produce no fruit. You must continue to move because my Spirit (My Word) continues on with much work to accomplish. Remember that you are no longer an infant, that you stay in the place that I last set you down and wait for me to come and serve you. You are now older and I have equipped you well. Don't ever underestimate the power of every word that I have set in motion upon the earth. If you do stop in your tracks, let it be for silence in My presence to receive fresh anointing. I will give you rest and refreshment; it is yours to receive.

When you took Jesus into your heart, it was then that I placed an anchor there and will forever pull you near me. Just learn not to fight that pulling, for when you feel resistance, it is when the enemy is trying to pull you in another direction. You must recognize this. You will also notice that it is when you resist Me that you find gradual heavy loads being added to your pack. STAND UP! Throw it off and remind the devil who you are, and he will let go.

Imagine a tug of war, I am on one side pulling you and you are in the middle. You turn to look behind you and to your amazement there is no one pulling from the other direction. Then you notice the devil sitting on the sideline in a wheel chair with total paralysis from the neck down. But he is running his mouth and as you believe his lies, you suddenly notice that your hands are gripping the rope and you are the one pulling and creating the resistance. LET GO! BE HEALED! RECEIVE YOUR AUTHORITY! And know that no matter how hard you pull, I will not let My side go so that you will fall backward.

Today is what matters. It is full of goodness and grace. But the enemy will use the weight of sin from the day before if you let him. Know whole heartedly that TODAY I am well pleased with you! Remember that My promises endure forever, and I will never loosen My grip of your hand. Let these words bring faith to your heart and freedom from fear.
From God through Anna Henry



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