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2009 FMIN World Conference

Many outstanding reports have come in from the recent World Conference at The Bible Christian Centre, Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset, England. Our thanks to Mark and Sally Harris and their great team who hosted this event.

Jane, England: The conference in England was a wonderful blessing - and so many of us were inspired and refreshed. Your ministry of love is so tangible that we felt accepted and valued in Jesus...We all love you in England and know our lives are all the better for knowing you.

Paul, England: Thanks for your ministry last week. It was great to hear the gospel of grace ministered, having recently left a church that is becoming increasingly legalistic. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Sally and Mark Harris, Hosts, Haselbury Plucknett, England: It was tremendous...It was super watching all the relationships networking together. It was a great catalyst for FMIN...workers together in HIS kingdom. Please tell Juli how much we love and appreciate her...her AMAZING talent for drawing people into worship... Praising and thanking the Lord for showing us THE WAY and MAKING a WAY where there had been no way under the old covenant.

Thanks for coming all this way to the ends of the earth. We love you so much. Thank you does not seem enough...tears come into my eyes just remembering some off these moments we have had together.

Anna Stewart, England: What a wonderful setting the European venue was for this year's World Conference...Juli led the team to heights of worship that blessed us all...I was so encouraged when Dave prayed over the sick and they recovered...It is wonderful to fellowship with those who love the Lord and enjoy life in Him.

Denise Capra, USA: The World Conference in southern England was 'on' from the word 'go'! Such receptivity and responsiveness from the whole gathering of believers! Great expectancy mounted daily. Vision was cast and caught regarding spreading the gospel of peace. God mightily demonstrated His love, presence and power in healing miracles!

New in-depth understanding of the simple, relevant truths of our new covenant reality empowered each individual. New bonds of friendship were initiated and some were deepened as people came from many different countries - Austria, Uganda, Switzerland, England, USA, India - God displayed more of His awesome love and power and connected us all more in His eternal purposes!

John and Karen Blackburn, Coventry, England: We felt the World Conference was the best UK network event we have yet attended. It was great to have at least 38 people from our church there; the ministry, relationships, location and weather were wonderful and our people have been stirred up and energised to use their God-given gifts.

Juli Perry: It was an amazing, amazing conference and we all had just the best time ever. The people all loved it and the worship was so much fun. I was blown away by the enthusiasm of the people. My goodness we had a great time together! I think this conference was the best one yet.

"Again I cannot tell you in words how changed I am after your conference. The combination of the real deal Gospel with dedication to no legalism would not be effective without the relational emphasis. You have the key to what ministry is, and I am SO THANKFUL! You have combined with the relational, which is vital for communicating dignity and worth to other people. It causes us to be able to make sozo-life choices (wholeness, wellness and intactness) without codependence, and to have so much FUN! I still remember running around the church laughing!" Susan

"It was fantastic meeting you at Hazlebury Plucknett. My life has changed so much since then (for the better of course!) Through you, Jesus healed me from my depression, and has come into my life. Everyday I am learning more and being led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you both so much." Loretta



Dear Denis and Denise,Dave and Bonnie and all FMIN members, thank you for taking care of me in the world conference 2014 at Kansas City, my life will never be the same, My host Robert has been very special to me, stay blessed
by: George Senyonga,Uganda

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