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Bll and Lenah Kilel Minister in Longesa

Bill and Lenah Kilel were invited to speak at a non-denominational meeting on October 24th in Longesa. There were more than 2,000 people in attendance. The Kilel's taught the good news message of God's grace out of Romans 1:16-17.

Bill writes, "When we finished explaining the true Love of God, the whole place went on fire and the pastors who were there, about 16 of them, asked where such message came from. We explained to them that Gospel is the good news which came through Jesus for there was no other way! The law tried but it brought guilt and wrath and people died instead.
Grace brought relationships and God related to Man through a person, His son, and God is no longer angry with us. His business is to love us only!
The News was so good to the people that,you guessed it, more than 1,000 came to Christ!! Now that is good news, good news indeed. "

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