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Blessings Abounding in Hungary

Partners Jon and Kokeb Palmer, in Hungary, have written to share more musical miracles unfolding for their son, Johnny, the song Jon wrote and their gospel choir. Jon writes, "Johnny got a phone call that a music producer would like to speak to him.

He saw Johnny's video clip "Promise" and decided that Johnny would be the next "superstar" of Hungary. He immediately offered him an exclusive contract with Warner Music, but Johnny did not immediately accept, he wanted to pray about it, since it would mean that he should be in a "boy band" once more.

At the meeting, Johnny then told the producer that he was not really willing to leave his project to work on another project and then proceeded to describe our project with my song, Christmas Everyday and the choir's Christmas Calendar for the radio station in Vienna. At this point this producer, who is also the program director for RTL, the most popular commercial television in Hungary, made us an unprecedented offer.

  1. The gospel choir would be featured every single morning in December Monday thru Friday with a new Christmas song. (As of yesterday, this has been extended to December 31.)
  2. The gospel choir would be accompanied everyday by a different Hungarian popstar who would sing a solo.
  3. RTL would make 24 videos of 24 songs of the choir singing, which would be broadcast every day, as if we were live in the studio.
  4. There will be daily interviews with different members of the choir and the pop stars.
  5. They would make a special video clip of my song Christmas Everyday, which will be viewed on McDonald's TV, in every McDonalds in Hungary and Austria.
  6. We were asked to make a CD album of thirteen songs including my song, which must be finished by November 2nd, so that it can be distributed by Warner Music for the Christmas season.
  7. The CD will be promoted by RTL television every day.
  8. The television will promote all our concerts on television free of cost.
  9. Our concerts will be endorsed by the television as an RTL event.
  10. Both Johnny and I will have a contract together even as prophesied to us in July.
  11. Oh, I almost forgot the biggest news! There is a competition in Hungary presently called a "A Star is Born" something like America's (Britain's) Got Talent. The final presentation is around Christmas time and they were looking for some guest stars to enhance their gala show. Who did they ask? Well, you guessed right. This is the television event with the highest viewer quota in Hungary. Every third Hungarian will be watching it, and we will be the guest artists, singing one of our Christmas songs. The Hungarian stars will be singing one liners, while the choir sings the chorus. Something like Michael Jackson's "We are the World". So far at least 5 different versions of my song have been proposed."
Please pray for wisdom for Jon and Johnny. They wish to use this exposure as a launching pad into the next phase of their Alpha Course ministry.



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