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Evangelistic Miracle Crusade in the Philippines

Marv and Donna Schra have been in the Philippines by request holding meetings. Here is a report from Donna.

If you can, visualize this. Through out the daytime hours, several of the Filipino helpers went ahead into the squatter's village to prepare for this evening's crusade. Posters were hung up announcing the meeting, Pastor Manson drove through the squatter's village with a megaphone inviting people to the crusade. A sound system was set up that ran off of a portable generator and an overhead projector with the songs projected on a big white screen for the praise and worship.

At 7 pm, we were assigned four bodyguards from Stryker Security Force and drivers. We drove into the squatter's village in big black, tinted windows SUV's. Driving into the village, there were no lights as there is no electricity anywhere. It was muddy with pools of standing water everywhere.

Once we arrived at the crusade place, there was a large gathering of people. We were ushered to the front with bodyguards leading us and following us. The platform was a big metal truck bed. Chairs were set up enough for Marv and I and our two interpreters and four microphones. Everyone else had standing room only.

When the praise and worship came to an end, we noticed that many more people had joined the already large curious crowd. They introduced Marv and I and handed us the microphone and we greeted and welcomed the people. We had to have two interpreters as two languages were represented. And then I began to preach the Gospel. It flowed like a river out of me and was accompanied with a lot of compassion for every person present. The Gospel preached was irresistible, as hungry hearts raised their hands to accept and ask Jesus to be their Savior.

We then let the woman who was delivered from epilepsy in one of our earlier meetings share her testimony of how the Lord healed her after many years of being sick and having seizures.

Then Iron man (nickname) of one of the bodyguards asked if he could share his testimony. He shared how last spring when we were ministering in the park crusade here in Angeles City, PH; Jesus saved him and healed him of high blood pressure. He told how his blood pressure was 230/ 164 and how he almost died at the hospital, but how when he accepted Jesus, and after we prayed for him to be healed, his blood pressure has been 120/70 ever since. Iron man was a key witness as many men were present at the meeting.

Then a lady named, Marge shared her testimony of how after she accepted Jesus, her life changed and how Jesus healed her eyes as she was partially blind in both eyes, referring also to last spring when we were here and prayed with her.

I preached some more and led many to the Lord in prayer again and prayed a mass prayer for the sick and took authority over the devil that was causing trouble in their village. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to cast the devil out of the village, so I did. I seemed especially aware of the many men standing at the back of the crowd, as I felt that many were alcoholics or drug users and violent. I had absolutely no fear as I spoke especially to them and asked them to come forward to be prayed with.

To our amazement, all the men came forward, many of them were weeping when they accepted Jesus and we prayed for each one of them individually (about 40 of them). Then we also prayed for many women and children.

A head count was taken and those present at the crusade numbered almost 300, but there were many hiding in the shadows who also heard the Gospel.

We then were led out by the security guards back to the SUV's and drove out.

Pastor Manson joined us for a bite to eat after the crusade and told us that in this squatter's village, there had been so much violence and when they got the permit to hold the crusade, the police told him it was not safe for us to be there, as many shootings and some killings had happened and it was a violent village.

Marv and I did not know that until afterward, but it was evident that Jesus really touched the people. Pastor Manson said the police told him that many of the most violent criminals broke down and cried when they accepted Jesus tonight and they invited us to go to many other places and offered protection if we would go and preach the Gospel.

Pastor Manson told us that he had been sick all day long, but as soon as I started preaching, he got well. PTL

I know we will hear of several miracles later, but it is exactly as Jesus said, "Signs and wonders and Miracles will follow the preaching of God's Word." Mark 16

Our interpreter, Marisol, told us that when she looked at me while I was preaching, she couldn’t see my face and that all she could see was a huge golden sword over my heart and my face looked like a waterfall of rain. She said, "I know it was you preaching, but I couldn't see your face, only a beautiful bright light and a waterfall of rain and a big golden sword in your hand over your heart."

Marv and I felt nothing but pure compassion for the people and saw how important they are in God's eyes.

When we got back to our apartment these were Marv's words, "Fantastic, Absolutely Fantastic."

Our joy is full and overflowing as we know that we have been sent to do his work.

Soon we will hold our second of ten Evangelistic Miracle Crusade in another barrio or province. I'm not asking ahead of time about where we are going next, just let God send us and lead us.

A last note, it was so wonderful to have students travel with us and minister and help and get trained, so they can go out and do the same in many unreached territories.



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