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Daniel Kizhakkevila in India Visits Africa

Daniel sent us this wonderful praise report of his recent trip to Africa. Daniel writes, "Ministry in Kitale: We were able to minister to the street kids who sniff glue and live in the slums. We fed about 200 kids in the streets and shared the love of God with them. Many kids were willing to throw their glue bottles and come back to normal life. But they have anyone to depend on. They don't know from where their next meal will come. They have no blankets or clothes or shelter to sleep. We met 80 kids ready to go to school if they can get uniforms and school supplies. We want to send them to school and teach some trade. We spent three days in the slums sharing and talking with the slum people and slum kids. I saw these kids as very loving and full of hope. We also did two Pastors Conferences and challenged them to be the Hope of Africa. Hope of Africa is the Body of Christ. So we challenged them to rise up and take up the mantle of God to save Africa from the hands of corruption, AIDS, poverty, and unemployment, drugs, abuse, street kids and famine. God showed me different ways of self employment projects for these people and I shared it with Church leaders. Micro finance will help many Africans to be out of poverty and unemployment. The two pastors meeting attended by 120 ministers were a blessing to the leaders. Many pastors committed their lives to serve the body of Christ by taking care of the poor and needy orphans and the widows. We also ministered in the Church at Kitale where the eyes of the people were opened to see the needs of the orphan children and the widows. Eight families have opened their homes to take orphan kids into their homes if we can provide their food and clothing. These people are already ministering to the orphan's needs. Our time with slum people made us aware of the pathetic condition of the people and chalk out some plans for their lives. After ministering to the glue kids, the next day we did not see any kids with glue bottles in the slum. We were able to feed many kids in different occasions. The last 4 days of the trip I was in Nakuru with Lake View Community church which was planted by Rose Creek people .There are about 60 members in that church which is right in a slum colony. Two days of church ministry brought healing and a breakthrough in many people's lives. The church has moved into the next level to be used by God. We were able to accomplish everything we wanted to do in this trip. I have committed myself to do my best for Africa. I am planning to go Africa at least once a year to start with and speak for Africa's orphan children. We have planned to open 6 Mercy Homes for the orphan kids in Kitale Thank you for your prayers. Let us harvest a lost generation from Africa."



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