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Global Deflationary Depression and God's System

by: Ellene Meece - March 2010

Historically, God's people rise to the top in the midst of extreme economic and moral decline in different times and places because, scripturally, God's people are more than conquerors no matter what the enemy throws our way.

What's different about our current situation is: the world is facing an escalating economic decline that affects everyone at the same time! For instance, the Great Depression was worldwide, but today our currency is so interconnected in the *fiat system that the financial unwinding that is in progress is even greater and is completely global.

The debt-to-*GDP-ratio tipping point for a deflationary crisis begins at 60%, depending on that country's economic history. Some countries have already significantly exceeded this and others are not far behind.

Therefore, the inevitable comprehensive global deflationary depression on the horizon begs the question: How can we survive? And the answer is: God's way. Inside God's kingdom, the salvation of God's children is also global and comprehensive.

To participate in God's system, it's time for the business community to rally, strategize and take action!

At the recent K.E.Y.S. - Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit that took place in Denver, Colorado last month, an international gathering of leaders from the marketplace, mission strategists, politicians and church leaders came together to do just that: be ignited, strategize and begin action steps that could make a difference at this time in history.

One speaker, *Charles Vollmer spoke on "The Tyranny of Trillion$: The Unemployment Tsunami & Business Ministries." He appealed to the marketplace leaders and Christian business communities to step up and be the solution. He suggested the following strategies as God's way of surviving the world's broken system:

Plan Strategically
It's time to look at reality and with a 'worst case scenario' in mind, begin to make plans toward helping others. For the most part, the general population will continue their life style as long as they can and believe a recovery is just around the corner. God's people need to be alert to real signs of the time and be ready for crisis response.

More than ever, the synergy proclaimed from groups like FMIN and others is now! The majority of the churches within the United States are less than 500 members and it was pointed out that organizations in this category should network to be effective. Uniting with other churches, mission organizations and even other networks in purpose and clear direction within God's kingdom is an answer to chaos and inefficiency.

Become the Local Solution Center - Now
The church community must become the source of solution assistance. Within the human resources of the family of God, create solutions: jobs, debt service, social networking, telecommunicating, home-based enterprises, co-ops, franchises, new non-profits, business incubators, micro-financing, work skill training services and small business focus groups.

As you make plans to be the solution in the midst of deterioration, remember that God's way gives us the advantage. We belong to the Rock. Isaiah 44:8 Amplified says, "Fear not, nor be afraid in the coming violent upheavals; have I not told it to you from old and declared it? And you are my witnesses! Is there a god besides Me? There is no other Rock; I know not any." God's system, God's kingdom will not fail!

Terms Definitions and Amplifications:

*Fiat - Legal Tender, especially paper currency, authorized by a government but not based on a convertible into gold, silver or hard assets. It is money that is not backed by anything other than a government trust. Fiat money has no intrinsic value; it only has value at all because all participants in an economy agree to trust the government issuing the currency. All modern money is fiat money.

*GDP - Gross Domestic Product

*Charles Vollmer - Founder and President of VII Inc., a strategic planning, systems engineering and investment capital firm specializing in government and business initiatives located in the Washington D.C. area. Link: http://www.viiinc.com/VII_CVollmerII_Bio.html

Additional Resource Material:

  • KEYS 2010 Report and Recap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoMVuuD4-ho
  • Business Reports:
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Ellene Meece lives in Meeker, Colorado and works with her husband in their natural resource company while running her own online store, http://www.Grandmastreasuresonline.com. Currently, she oversees the marketing for the FMIN Workplace Leaders Network and is on staff at the Meeker Chamber of Commerce.



Thanks for your comment, George! Yes, world-wide and global are the same thing. Difference this time is the interconnected fiat system.
by: Ellene Meece

"The great depression was worldwide and the new depression is Global." Aren't global and worldwide the same thing? You should have more info about what deflation is and what it will do to land, stockes, and cash. The guru here is Harry S Dent Jr, out of Tampa, Fl, who predicted the crash of the stock market in late 2007. Don't get too hung up on political parties here as it is almost entirely demographic driven by Baby Boomers.
George Nettles
[email protected]
by: George Nettles

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