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Nate and Rute Tanner Minister in South Korea

by: Nate and Rute Tanner

Nate tells us, "We are here in Jeju, South Korea, a small island province off the coast of mainland Korea. God's spirit is working here like we have never seen before.

After 2 days of intense travel . . . missing our flight from San Francisco to Japan, we were able to get a flight to Korea . . . a Canada flight via Taiwan. We arrived having not slept for 2 days and jet lagged. We went straight to the show venue.

By the grace of God we preached the gospel to a crowd of 3000. Next door to the venue, a Buddhist festival celebrating Buddha's birthday was taking place. We proclaimed a living Jesus and the results were supernatural. On the GX night, around 800 people of all ages responded to the altar call. During the 3 night outreach, around 1400 people made decisions to surrender to Jesus! Church leaders here have told me that these meeting were the largest christian meetings in the history of Christianity on this island. Jesus is making history here!

I have never seen such amazing response to the Gospel. Hearts here are open to Jesus and responding by the hundreds! Here are a few testimonies that came out of the GX night.

Tonight when I cam to the show I was depressed, but after the show I feel set free, now I have hope. I am thirsty for God and am coming to hear more about Him tomorrow night. Seu, Dong Kyun (15)

I am a wrestler, and a few days ago, I was in hospital recovering from an injury I received to my knee while wrestling. Today I was prayed for and I could suddenly bend my knee. Kim, Kwan Young (16)

When I first came to the show tonight, I was impressed by the show and what I could see. In the middle of the show I listened to Daniel share his story, and I felt like he was telling me about my life! I came straight to the front, and gave my life to Jesus. I feel like I am free! Yang, Da Hae"

GX International is an evangelistic youth ministry that does city-wide outreaches around the world using extreme sports, dance and music, combined with preaching the Gospel.



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