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Ministry in Uganda

David Remi Kinyua of Kenya, son of Margaret Remi Thomas, traveled to Uganda for ministry purposes. Here is his report:

"I went to Uganda to minister with FMIN Partner Vana Byaruhanga. He lives so far from Kampala town, in Rakai district. We had a great time there. In Kampala, we met FMIN Partner Francis Okwir from northern Uganda. He joined us and we went about 5 more hours towards Rakai.

God did mighty things there. So many people heard the gospel of God's love and peace. Francis too was teaching in the tent conference that Vana had held. We prayed for so many people who had sicknesses and other problems and we saw God set them free. The village we were preaching at was called Kavuyu. People there had never been preached to, so it was the best place to take the gospel! Hallelujah. So many people received salvation and healing. The message broke the power of fear they had in their lives because of witch doctors and they realized that Jesus was better than anything the witches could offer! Hallelujah!

Attached are some of the photos we took down there. Enjoy! Glory be to GOD! Amen!"

Please enjoy the photos to the right.



My name is Frank Tibagendeka a partner with FMIN, i live in Uganda and i am happy for what God is doing in Uganda. I have been encouraged to read this report from David Remi Kinyua.
by: Pastor Frank Tibagendeka

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