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Uganda Latest report

by: David Kinyua

This report is an excellent example of what we can do as we work together to Network!

David writes, "November, I and one of our church youth members went to Uganda, in Rakai district to minister in FMIN partner, Vana Byaruhanga's church. Francis Okwir, who is a FMIN Partner as well joined us there from Northern Uganda.

In December I returned to Uganda again, this time in Northern Uganda to minister to the youth conference that Partner Francis Okwir had organized. God provided for my bus tickets.

Vana Byaruhanga too was invited to minister there. We had a great time talking and teaching the message of grace to those who attended.

In the evenings, an evangelist from Kampala showed Christian movies in the open market using his projector and attracted hundreds of people!

After the movie, he would call me and I would preach a simple salvation message. We could ask those who want to receive Christ to respond by raising their hands and repeat a simple prayer. Then, we could direct them to Francis' church and he would do the follow-up. It was a very fruitful way of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ!

On Friday, we talked of how we can locate more FMIN Partners in Uganda and team up and hold conferences in Kenya and Uganda and even Tanzania and teach the grace message.

I thank God for the Ugandan partnership. So many youths received salvation and the baptism on the Holy Spirit. They went home blessed, speaking in tongues and consumed by GOD'S love! Enjoy the photos!"

David Kinyua is the son of FMIN Partner Margaret Remi and is Dave Duell's namesake.

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Thank you Elijah. You are welcome. Please let me where in Kenya you are.

by: David K Remi

Praise be to God for such a wonderful work that you did. May you be blessed by God for that wonderful work. I am trusting God to team up with you next time you have such an outreach. I will surely come to Uganda and stand with you. Don't hesitate to invite me brethren.
by: elijah mbugua

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