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National Day of Prayer in Greeley

Partner Wayne Buller, of Reachout Ministries in Greeley, Colorado held a special outreach on the Day of Prayer. Wayne writes, "For the National Day of Prayer on May 5th we had a group of people do a prayer walk around the community of the CC Church in Greeley. We had a great time in the sun inviting people to the organized meetings on Sunday for breakfast and for our celebration services and for the upcoming Mexican Luncheon the 3rd week of May. The National Day of Prayer fell on the American Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day) celebration day. We were able to speak to so many Hispanic/Latino families that day. I did use my Spanish as well as another brother who went with me. We gave out Our Daily Bread booklets and when they come to the church we will tell them Dave's upcoming meetings in Greeley.

I had the awesome privilege to give the Good News of Jesus to a mom and her 5 kids and a family member at our last home and during the prayer time on the walk. All 5 kids received Christ as their savior and want to get a Bible from us for the family.

I asked the kids if they had ever heard about Jesus and to my surprise they had never heard the message of the Cross and Resurrection and they did not know who Jesus was. The kids and the mom spoke English and had been to the local schools here in Greeley. What a time we had praying on the streets of Greeley just blocks from the church and leading the 5 kids to Christ that day.

On Sunday I found out that we had another group report that after our prayer time one couple ask a lady who came to the door if they could pray for her. The lady from Puerto Rico asked if she could be saved. So the couple from our group led her to the Lord also.

Prayer does work and we are the willing vessels to go out and reach others with the good news.

This Puerto Ricano said that her husband was a Jehovah Witness and it appears that the Lord set this whole thing up for her to be born again."



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