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Gentle Wisdom

In a world that is generous with chaos, bad news and pain, people long for assurance, peace and real wisdom that will soothe their raw souls. People are groping for answers

In studying the book of James this past year, the concept of "gentle wisdom" came alive to me. My personal Bible study style is not to endlessly research details of a scripture - even though that has its merit - but to allow a verse to simply bring light to my path and find a permanent application.

James 3:13(b) [HCSB*] emphasizes our topic, "He [the one who is wise and has understanding] should show his works by good conduct with wisdom's gentleness."

My take on this is that being right all the time does not equate with wisdom. Having extreme intelligence and full command of facts on every subject matter does not necessarily correspond to wisdom.

Aggressively voicing our opinion on Bible topics with authority is sadly not wisdom . . . at least, not God's kind of wisdom which is gentle wisdom.

James 3:17 [Amplified] reminds us, "The wisdom from above is first of all pure; then it is peace-loving, courteous, considerate, gentle. It is willing to yield to reason, full of compassion and good fruits; it is wholehearted and straight-forward, impartial and unfeigned - free from doubts, wavering and insincerity."

As we show up in the workplace each day, our co-workers or employees deserve real wisdom. That single mom struggling to make enough income in this devastating economy needs to hear a gentle reminder that God is her source and cares about her lavishly. The cocky student intern needs to catch a glimpse of real life through gentle demonstration and stories of experience. The money driven corporate rushing through the day needs to witness quiet composure and assurance that comes from a vital relationship with the Creator.

Melissa Fitzpatrick wrote a personal and compelling observation on James 3:13-18 in the Beth Moore Study of James.

"In my woundedness and in my flesh, I delude myself into thinking that harshness and severity are worth it if another person is fortunate enough to gain my superior perspective.


"The gentleness that is linked to wisdom in this context means living out of the knowledge that I am not the priority here. When I combine this disquieting yet liberating truth about me with the awareness that each person I meet is worth far more that I could ever imagine, perhaps I will be on my way to exuding this wisdom from above."

Close your eyes for a moment and picture someone in your own life who exemplified gentle wisdom. How did it impact you?

Now, ask God to show you someone around you now, who could use a bit of gentle wisdom in their own journey. Let Him paint an image of how you could share this wisdom.

Want to be a part of God's plan to bring peace in our world? Live and give gentle wisdom.



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