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Weight of His Glory: Honoring Donna Schra

by: Ellene Meece

My father once told me the story of a man who went to Nelson Rockefeller to make a business offer. Rockefeller decided not to take the deal, but as a consolation, he offered to allow the gentleman the opportunity of walking with him on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. When Rockefeller walked on the floor of the exchange, everyone took notice of the person walking with him. Rockefeller lent the credibility of his trustworthy and powerful name to this man; as a result, people who would not listen to him before were suddenly willing to hear what he had to offer. Rockefeller added importance and weight to this man, who was now able to find investors for a multi-million dollar deal. Proverbs 22:1 says, "A good name is more desirable than great riches." The reason being that a credible reputation carries weight. *

Just like that, Jesus lends us His credibility, power and influence so that we can walk in the weight or influence of his glory and favor.

If ever a person carried the "weight of God's glory" wherever she went, it was Donna Schra, FMIN Partner and friend, recently transferred into the glory of His presence.

Donna was a traveling ordained minister along with her husband Marvin, under their ministry, Marvin Schra Ministries International. They were joined with their four sons, Jeff, Kurt, Chris and Marc. Donna had the same calling as Jesus: to set the captives free and bring healing to the nations. Throughout her 35 years of ministering in almost 60 different countries, she carried the powerful influence of the One who had walked the earth before her. When she walked into a room or any situation, as a missionary, doctor of naturopathy, or simply a friend or family member, everyone recognized the importance of Someone powerful.

**Examples of this "weighty" partnership are extensive.

Driving past a cemetery, Donna felt impressed to pull over. She saw a woman weeping by a grave and Donna gave her shoulder to cry on. Although she was a stranger, Jesus knew this woman and she gave her heart to Him in the midst of that one act of kindness.

Donna reminisced not long ago about a trip to the jungles in the South Pacific in the eighties, where their entire family traveled and ministered from village to village with the Gospel and miracles:

The South Pacific was always marked with supernatural provision miracles, where God would multiply food, multiply healings and multiply miracles. We'd pray for one village and impart to them God's power through the laying on of hands, send them forth and they would come back with amazing reports of more multiplication of whatever we gave them, in food, in healing and in miracles. Isn't that what Jesus did when he sent his disciples forth two by two? It's the easiest thing in the world to start churches and to send laborers forth.

At one time, this adventurous missionary and her husband lived with their four sons in Hong Kong and secretly carried many Chinese Bibles to the underground believers in China. They met covertly in back rooms and hidden places with the leaders. Again, Donna was walking in the weight of His glory sharing God's love.

Another story from Donna from the streets of America:
This evening there was an older gentleman standing with a cardboard sign, "Diabetes Meds and Insulin needed." We parked and walked over to him and gave him some money. He said, "Thank You." I told him that Jesus would like to heal him because he loved him. He said, "Well, that would be nice, I hope that would be in His plan." I told him, it was His plan and he fumbled for words and said, "Well, I believe that." With that reply, there was agreement so I touched him and the power of God almost knocked him over and I hoped no one saw us in the shadows and thought I hit him. Holy Spirit told me that he was healed. Thank You Jesus!

That same credibility, power and influence of Jesus that embraced Donna's life is available to all of us. May we be inspired and encouraged by her life's testimony to accept the invitation to also walk in the weight and influence of His glory and favor.

*Christ for the Nations - The Voice. Article: Marketplace Influence by Will Ford.

** Stories taken from https://www.facebook.com/MARVINANDDONNASCHRA



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