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I Care

by: Ellene Meece

Hallmark promises you that if you send the right card, you are saying, "I care."
Facebook say they "care" by sharing past memories you posted.
Veterans government agency added "I care" to their slogan to portray reform.

And then, there is this kind of care written in a song:

I would like to tell you what I think of Jesus,
Since I've found in him a friend so kind and true.
I would tell you how
He changed my life completely;
He did something that no other power could do.
No one ever cared for me like Jesus;
No one else could take the sin and darkness from me;
O, how much He cared for me.

No One Ever Cared for Me like Jesus, [written by Charles Weigle in 1932. It quickly became a favorite of gospel soloists and was often recorded, and sung on the radio.]

Can anything match the care we are promised and shown by Jesus? We have a cavity in our heart that desperately needs TLC: tender loving care. When Jesus says, "I care," He means it and He shows it. Others may parrot the words but being one who follows through with corresponding caring actions, is a treasure.

There is no place more important to demonstrate the genuine Jesus-kind-of-care than the workplace!

Whether in employee/supervisor relationships, or company/customer relationships or co-worker relationships . . . workplace etiquette can say loudly, "I care."

Here's some ways to show care:
Touch base with co-workers on projects
Respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner
Keep record of customer's preferences
Honor deadlines
Express appreciation for even the smallest tasks
Speak with kindness to everyone
Pay attention to the details in other's lives

Theodore Roosevelt is credited with saying, "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

And in the end, having the ability to really care about others comes from allowing our Heavenly Father to care for us. This reminder is always there: "Casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully]" (I Peter 5:7 Amplified).

Saying, "I care" is one thing. Living "I care" is another



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