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Giant Slayers

by: Jan Whitaker

Joshua 1:9 states, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" (The Amplified Bible).

This was God's encouragement to Joshua who was chosen to complete the job Moses started, leading His people into the Promised Land. God knew the Israelites would have to face several "giants" and defeat them; however, this was a precursor to obtaining their inheritance.

It's interesting to note the root definition for each tribal name. These were the people the Israelites would conquer:

Egyptians - a sense of limit, distress, stronghold
Canaanites - to humiliate
Hittite - terror and fear
Amorites - to promote oneself
Perizzites - to separate or divide
Hivites - small confined living space, restraint
Jebusites - to trodden, trample, pollute, tread under foot

In spite of the enemies' reputation and ominous names, we know God was with Joshua and the Israelites as they fought and defeated them, and then entered "a good and large land, a land flowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 3:8).

This past year, my husband and I ventured into a new work arena. We up-scaled our trucking business, which involved greater expenses and longer hours on the road. However, we believed we had a sure word from God and stepped out in faith.

Although most businesses begin with some financial risks, we were not prepared for what quickly ensued. The company we were contracting from was not honest about the salary we could earn. In fact, they promised over $100,000 more per year than the actual income we received. Coupled with inconsistent dispatches and extended time from home, Cleve and I questioned our decision and wondered if we had really heard from God.

Even so, we decided to stay with the company for a few months to see if things would fall into place and the money we were believing for would materialize. We waited until early spring to make our final decision on whether we should find another contractor or not. Either way, it would mean further expenses.

It was during that time when I experienced an unusually restless night. Cleve was on the road. I started feeling anxious, so I began praying in tongues. It lasted throughout the night.

I called Cleve the next day and heard his story. "Out of the blue last night," he explained, "I suddenly remembered the day we were praying for our friend at church. She wanted direction about a new job. When I started to pray for her, the Holy Spirit just overwhelmed me. It was so powerful, it took my breath away! I knew without a doubt that we were with the right company. Last night, that same assurance came back to me. Babe, we are where we are supposed to be!"

Once again, the "peace of God, which passeth all understanding" (Philippians 4:7) flooded my soul. My doubt and fears faded away. We are now beginning to experience the fulfillment of abundance.

We can be our own worst enemy. Although we are not to live by our feelings, they are a valid part of who we are. We could be struggling with feelings of limitation, humiliation, division, isolation or even restraint. These "feelings" can seem just as real as giants.

We may not be facing literal giants, or battling people to obtain God's promises for us; however, we have areas where God wants to see us victorious. He is faithful to direct our path and confirm His will in our life. Just as Joshua 1 states, He is with us wherever we go. He desires that we inherit all of His promises. Giants are slain when we enter into God's peace and rest.

Cleve and Jan Whitaker are the new WLN Directors. Living in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, USA, they are an active part of Faith Ministries Community Church. Cleve is owner and manager of Capstone Carriers, LLC; a trucking company specializing in flatbed freight throughout the U.S. Jan retired from teaching in the inner city high schools and college/university campuses. She also worked for FMIN Network as the Administrative Director. Jan operates in the prophetic and travels nationally and internationally as a teacher and counselor with GX International. Cleve and Jan describe their combined Mission Statement as: "To be outrageous givers for the Kingdom of God through financial support. To use our spiritual gifts for strengthening, encouraging, and establishing others in their identity in Christ." Their heart is to see others find and follow God's purpose in their individual workplace and mission field.



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